Personal-Life Leadership Questions

For the Reflective Reading on the back of our church bulletin last Sunday I listed 7 ‘self-diagnostic’ questions I need to keep asking myself as a leader. To the end that we all fulfill God’s calling with personal lives that stay holy and healthy, here they are again. I hope you find them helpful.

KNOW GOD: If ministry activity were taken away from me, would I still have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus?


PURSUE INTEGRITY: Are there areas of ongoing secrecy in my life that I am intentionally hiding from those closest to me?


BE MYSELF: Am I living under the self-imposed pressure of always having to prove something to somebody?


OWN RESPONSIBILITY: Do I acknowledge my mistakes or do I project blame and use my influence to vent unresolved anger?


EMBRACE CHANGE: Is my attitude faith-filled and future-focused or am I overly nostalgic of the past and fearful of taking risks in the present?


LOVE LEARNING: Am I coasting intellectually or am I applying myself to the disciplines of personal study and reflection?


LIVE JOYFULLY: Do I love what I am doing or have I taken the pressures of ministry onto myself?




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2 responses to “Personal-Life Leadership Questions

  1. Pastor Bradford,

    I wanted to say a big thank you for your message today. It was a powerhouse message which spoke to me in a very real way.

    My father was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and we learned during my mothers hospitalization last week that my mother has dementia. Couple that with completing the final stages of our capital campaign as well as raising operational funds during this challenging time and it has felt like the perfect storm. My heart was refreshed today!

    It was great to be in my home church and feel a significant touch of the spirit. I’ll be at Northside Christian next week and Fellowship Bible the following week. I’ll be reading your posts until I can return to Central. Thanks for meeting us where we are at and for reminding us of the battle plan!


  2. Justin Stanton

    Great and challenging questions. Maintenance of the spirit is sometimes difficult but these are great self evaluations. Miss you and the church.

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