Who Loves Unconditionally?

There is an ad I have been hearing on the radio about experiencing unconditional love. Turns out it’s ad about having pets. The point is well taken – pets do tend to love us in spite of ourselves.


I personally never had pet a pet growing up and am not particularly fond of the idea to this day. Outnumbered by a wife and two daughters, however, we all compromised years ago with a rabbit. His name is Titus and he is now almost 10 years old. That is VERY ELDERLY in rabbit years. He can’t see or hear very well although he actually seems healthier now than he was last year. This we believe is in answer to prayer.


Even though he chews through electrical cords and does things that aggravate Dads, Sandi and the girls love Titus. He is soft, cuddly and, I suppose, cute. His thick fur, floppy ears and pudgy body make him the perfect pet for ‘hug therapy’ when the girls get home. Everyone but me feels very attached to the rabbit, but for their sakes I continue to pray that he will live long and prosper.


And Titus, in spite of his occasional foot-thumping attitude, does seem to love unconditionally. That is something we humans appreciate but have trouble doing ourselves. It is what makes God’s love so remarkable. We are loved unconditionally, not because we own a pet but because we are created and loved by a redeeming God. This love frees us from approval-soliciting performance and heals us from the wounds of people who have loved us less than perfectly.


So may that life-giving, Jesus-centered, Cross-proven love of God wash over you today. You are important to God and relentlessly loved by Him.



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5 responses to “Who Loves Unconditionally?

  1. Good reminder and very timely. Also, I eternally apologize for calling Titus a gerbal.

  2. Ee Ling

    P. Jim,

    I’m sad for Central but really pleased for the AG as a whole…

    I learned a lot about leadership and ministry just by watching you, so we count it a privilege that you were our pastor even if it was just for 2003-2005.

    I loved the way you said “VERY ELDERLY” in caps. I can just see Titus in my head. Love to him, Sandi, your daughters, Central, and AGHQ.

    Good point about God’s unconditional and unchanging love (no shadows of turning).

    Your ‘sheep’ in Honolulu,
    Ee Ling

  3. Roberta Hernandez Rasmussen

    Hi Jim,

    I just heard the news and watched your interview video with Dr. Wood. I know that you will be a great blessing to young ministers and they will be a blessing to you.
    A word for you-Fruitfulness will surpass other seasons of your life; immeasurable, unseeable, but evidence of your faith full life.
    God bless you and Sandi.

    our love,

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  5. John & Pamela Mayhew

    It is through Gods’ unconditional love, that I can try to extend the same to others.
    As for pets, I cannot imagine my world without them. They can fill that ’empty nest’, are beneficial to ones health and overall well being and make me laugh daily….many times! Some have come to me intentionally, some because they needed a forever home.
    Congratulations on your new position with AGHQ, they have the best possible person for the job!
    You will be missed by your congregation, just as you still are by us!
    God bless you,
    John & Pam

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